Chicken Pickin ĖThe Chicken Pickin System

Everyone knows the sound of the chicken pickin system, even if they donít know this is what it is called. The chicken pickin guitar has a sound like no other and it blows audiences away if they are lucky enough to be at a live gig. A lot of guitarists will believe that to learn the chicken pickin system will take years. They are wrong because there are musical geniuses amongst us who have done the ultimate in thinking outside of the box when it comes to creating sounds even the great Jonny Hiland would be proud of.

Why do some people find it so easy to play the chicken pickin system, and where the hell do you find a system that actually works? It is not really something that can be taught by a book, because there is a real technique to it. It is not really something that can be taught by an instructor who may not be a very good teacher, and most probably hasnít mastered all the techniques themselves.

The chicken pickin system has to be taught by someone who is not only great at chicken picking themselves but is a great guitar teacher. Because by this stage the guitar student would already know how to play the guitar well, they expect to be taught by someone who they can respect. It has nothing to do with age or race or image, it has all to do with living proof that the teacher can play awesome tunes using the chicken pickin system.

There will be some wicked examples that the expert can demonstrate that will show all the secrets that are just so easy to learn. There is an easy guitar system that will turbo boost the results within hours. This isnít some kind of joke or an empty promise and the reason this is true is for a number of reasons:

• Shows the easiest step by step instructions that are so easy and quick to follow it is simply mind blowing

• Discover the picking technique that will have players belting out those wicked country bends in no time by using the most modern, up to date systems available

• Learn how to create multiple bends out of the same position just by making simple and easy changes

The reason great systems work is because geniuses take an idea or technique and work out the shortcuts. Leaning chicken pickin will be one of the most awesome experiences for all guitarists no matter what your preferred genre is, because it can be used right across the board. offers one of the best chicken pickin guitar courses on offer at an outstanding price. This may be a big claim but their no risk guarantee backs it up 100%. Not only does Claude Johnson give you his promise, the creator of this masterpiece has Brent Masonís 12 times voted Guitarist of Year award absolute respect and backing. What more do you want?


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