Here is Sol's
5 core components to chicken pickin' mastery

Sol transcends styles as he combines jazz, blues, rock, and country into a hybrid fusion guitar style that breaks down into 5 core components:

1. Beyond Bending
2. Fluid Open String Licks
3. Chicken Pickin
4. Neck Navigation
5. Fusion Hybrid Styles

Even if you learn 10% of what Sol teaches on the DVDs, you will be a new beast on the guitar. Here's just some of the things you are going learn on these DVDs:

For starters:

How to turbocharge your favorite
blues, rock, and jazz licks.

You'll easily learn the basic elements, mindset, and influence of the chicken pickin' sound. Sol goes in depth, and takes you by the hand so you can learn exactly how to play in this challenging style. Just the first half of the first DVD will change your playing forever.

Some highlights:

How to play the basic minor/major country harmony lick - 14:03

You'll learn the amazing pop and snap country pickin style that gives that instant cool country sound. It's awesome. See 17:53

The tight palm mute technique that makes your playing "country fried" beyond belief 18:26

How to add the Dom7 note to country licks for some jazzy depth and texture (see 19:00)

New exotic bends that sound "beyond". I would bet you a Les Paul that you've never seen or heard. Personally I've seen a lot of guitar techniques and tricks, and these are new to me. - 20:00

Create killer riffs and cluckin rhythms by combining basic bends with open string notes. You'll be surprised how easy they are to play. 22:48

How to add complexity and variation to your own licks. You'll get amazing inspiration when you watch Sol soloing. It's all caught on camera and tabbed out for you. 32:00.

Watch these DVDs and
you'll know why 12-time
guitarist of the year Brent Mason
flew Sol personally to Nashville

That's right. When Brent Mason (the #1 studio musician in Nashville) heard Sol play, he was so blown away that he invited him to move from the UK to his Nashville home to learn the ways of the modern Nashville studio musician.

So now, Sol has an even deeper bag of tricks than he did before. Here's some of those tricks that were captured on the DVDs:

Sol Philcox playing with 12-time
Guitarist of the year Brent Mason

The simple but effective "follow the chord" lead guitar trick - 33:34

Sol reveals the one position that automatically gives you hundreds of cool lick possibilities by just moving your fingers around a bit. Pay attention at 35:32.

A cool groovey rhythm with a monster hook that I guarantee you'll be able to play instantly, even if you're a raw beginner. See 36:16

How to spice up your rhythm with a cool descending bassline. This DVD is just one amazing guitar trick after the next. See 36:49

A slick "hookey lick" that sounds great, and the faster you play it, the better it sounds - 42:27

How to speed up open position licks to create really rockin riffs. There's no end to the amount of killer combinations that you can create with Sol's secrets. 52:06

How to play through a complete 12 bar blues progression spiced up some with serious chicken pickin' chops. - 53:44

By the end of the intro section, you'll have a basic understanding of the essential elements of Sol's radical style, and you'll have dozens of examples to practice.

But we're just getting warmed up. Then Sol goes deep into each of the 5 keys of Wicked Chicken Pickin' Chops.

The first key is bending.

Wicked chops key #1
Create exotic sounds
by bending "beyond".

There's bending techniques and ideas shown here that I would never have thought of in a million years! For example:

How to simulate a pedal steel guitar sound - 56:47

The exact steps to the perfect country major bend. Even Homer Simpson would understand Sol's simple step by step instructions. - 1:00:02

How to take a simple bend and turn it into a a funky riff that's fun to play over and over again - 1:02:47

Learn "closed positions bends" that you can move around the neck for a great musical effect - 1:05:48.

Discover the "cluster picking" technique and how to use it to play killer variations of the country bends - 1:07:04

The "inverted major bend" is a challenge to play at first, but will build your fingers up and sounds great when you nail it. 1:09:33

How to play 3 killer bends out of one position, and how to combine chicken pickin chops with these bends for a seriously sweet sound. 1:10:03

You'll also discover how to get that struttin' string-popping chicken pickin' phrasing. You'll learn...

How to make your guitar
pop, cluck, and squawk.


Discover a special technique borrowed from blues that you can use to make your chicken pickin' licks even more biting. 1:14:47

I promise, these DVDs are easy to learn from. Don't let Sol's amazing skills intimidate you.

He breaks down into simple, bite size chunks of information. Plus, everything is tabbed out for you by Sol himself.

There's a lot more juicy guitar secrets here, like:

How to convert ordinary blues bends to hypercharged exotic multiple-note bends that sound "beyond the beyond". 1:18:41

How to add bends on top of bends to create monster bending riffs that sound cool beyond belief. 1:23:09

What to do if you ever get lost on the neck. Sol mixes in cool tricks like this as he teaches all the amazing country techniques. 1:24:02

Sol Philcox playing Telecaster

Now start to combine some of the riffs from the intro section with some of these new bends, and you've got some wicked chops of your own! 1:27:27

Killer examples of how to transpose these various bend licks into different keys. Sol makes things very clear even if you're just getting started on the guitar. 1:28:02

Listen to Sol's wisdom about phrasing and how to became a phrase king like BB King, Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana. 1:30:40

How to connect the various bends so that the entire fretboard ties together in your mind on whole new level. 1:34:18

The secret to getting the right twangy tone out of your gear. 1:35:09

There's so much stuff, I don't have time to write about everything, but let's move onto the second DVD.

Here, you'll learn the second component of Sol's system: playing with open strings.

Wicked chops key #2
Make your playing
flow like water with
sweet open-string licks.

Here's the next flood of amazing guitar tricks that you can learn and integrate into your style quickly:

Learn the 3 easy positions and the 3 best keys to start playing open string licks - 1:48.

A killer open string lick that gets you started playing some wicked chicken pickin' guitar the very first night you get the DVD. (3:01)

Here's a sample clip of Sol's easy instructions:

(Press Play or Move Slider to Watch Video)

And once again, with the included TABS, you will have absolutely no problem easily learning these licks.

Here's more cool stuff:

Discover some Hendrix-inspired chordal inversion licks that are a great addition to any guitarist' bag of tricks - 3:58

How to combine wicked chicken riffing with fast open string licks for a fresh, awesome sound - 7:31

How to play fast, jagged chromatic runs that give your riffs a nice jazzy edge - 9:29.

How to link together country licks and riffs into seamless runs of creative country-fried guitar alchemy. 13:27

How to transpose the open string lick in A into the key of E and other keys so you can jam out with any band, in any key, antyime - 16:55.

How to play bluegrass type rhythms (see sample clip below) 17:42

(Press Play or Move Slider to Watch Video)


How to play like Albert Lee - 19:58

How to use unison slides to get a real classic country sound - 24:03

Learn more cool ways to expand basic licks so you can create killer sounds with no boring exercises 26:44

Next we get to the third component, which is the heart of chicken pickin' itself: picking technique.

Wicked chops key #3 Supercharge your picking with
hybrid picking, cluster picking, chicken pickin' & other techniques.

How to develop your own hybrid picking licks. When to play notes with your pick, and when to use your fingers - 30:53

Sharpen your palm muting technique with another cool chicken pickin lick that has that killer clucking sound- 31:15

How to play Jerry Douglass style bluegrass flat picking licks 42:57

How to get really good control of your double stops with some amazing dom7 licks (see clips below)

(Press Play or Move Slider to Watch Video)

More tips on really feeling the rhythm to the core so you can internalize the beat so your playing is tighter than a pitbull's grip on a T bone steak. 45:26

How to improve a sloppy picking technique and bring it to the pro level. 47:01

There's lots more juicy bits of guitar goodness, but since we don't have all day, let's go to the next disc, DVD III.

The next key to mastering chicken pickin' guitar is called "neck navigation". This is your ability to get around the fretboard like speedy gonzalez after drinking a gallon of coffee.

In the chicken pickin' style, everything has to flow, and after learning from these DVDs, your playing WILL flow.

Wicked chops key #4
Navigate across the entire neck
easily and effortlessly.

You'll learn secrets like:

How to go beyond "blues position" playing so everything flows together 1:15

A sweet lick that takes you across the fretboard horizontally. This involves some slick sliding techniques - 1:57

How to add double stops with your sliding licks to spice up and countrify normal pentatonic/diatonic playing. See 5:02

Add a "seventhy minor type feel" to get another awesome neck-traversing slide lick 7:31

How to add "note gaps" to your riffs and get a whole slew of new musical ideas 8:43

Learn more tricks to effortlessly travel the neck using slides and legato phrasing. Great exercises to practice and they work in any key! - 13:15

How to include crazy sliding bends that make everyone listening say "woooaaah" 15:52

It's all part of the 3-DVD set called Wicked Chicken Pickin' Chops that gives you over 3 and a half hours of new tricks, tips, and technqiues.

Plus learn how to experiment and come up with your own licks covering the entire fretboard such as:

How to pull of the "guitar acrobatics" idea in the middle of a solo. Watch closely at 19:44.

A legato lick that's fun to play and that automatically takes your chops up a notch when you start playing it. (At 23:33)

Learn cool chromatic runs using open strings that lets you greatly increase your mobility on the neck 24:50

With the included tabs,
you will own these
amazing "holy grail" licks.

(Press Play or Move Slider to Watch Video)

Wicked chops key #5
Use hybrid fusion styles
to create mindblowing licks and
change your playing forever.

This final component of the course covers how to combine country licks with blues, rock, and jazz. This helps you even more to easily extend what you already know, into some new wicked directions.

Here's just a few of the cool things covered:

The western-swing guitar style which combines jazz playing and country licks. Get started with this finger stretcher of a lick at 28:43.

Another great example of country fusion playing using alternate picking. This one has an awesome cool jazz feel. - 30:27

Another mindblowing idea that uses sweep picking. This one works great during a 12 bar pattern. - 32:34

A Merle Haggard trick that sounds cool and is a great way to "attack" major chords. - 33:11

Another cool jazzy lick using all 4 fingers thats creates an awesome new riff that you can plug into your arseneal. 37:36

A sliding sequence lick that combines a shred idea with chicken pickin'. This is one of the hot secret licks that Sol learned personally from a top nashville pro. 40:38

How to combine killer blues licks with wicked chicken chops. - 46:12

(Press Play or Move Slider to Watch Video)

Albert King style blues licks adopted to country. - 48:10.

Rock licks combined with country that involve double or triple bends. It just sounds amazing. 51:30

Wicked Chicken Pickin' Chops comes with 3 DVDs and 3 and a half hours of killer instruction, PLUS ALL EXAMPLES TABBED BY SOL HIMSELF.

Plus we filmed 3 MORE DVDs
with 101 Wicked
chicken pickin' licks.

Sol is so amazing that we insisted on filming ANOTHER 3 DVDs worth of his best secrets. So, we have 3 MORE dvds for you...

There's some sweet licks inspired by Albert Lee, Merle Haggard, Jerry Donahue, Brad Paisely, and other legends.

There's tons of killer open string licks, jazz/country licks, transitioning licks, Nashville licks, multiple bending licks, fusion rock licks, pedal steel licks...

There's chromatic patterns, powerchord riffs, SRV style licks, jazzy western licks, bluegrass riffs, and all kinds of other crazy and amazing chicken pickin' licks.

Sol teaches all of them to you in detail in this incredible follow-up 3-DVD set called 101 Wicked Chicken Pickin' Licks. So in total you're getting 6 and a half hours of hardcore chickin pickin' instruction.

(Press Play or Move Slider to Watch Video)

So how much does all this cost?

Truly, these lessons are priceless.

Even if you could afford to fly to Nashville and somehow convince the top pros there to teach you personally, it would still literally take you years and cost thousands of dollars. Check out the chart:

DVDs save you tons of money because you can enjoy and learn from them for months and even years... and get thousands of dollars worth of learning out of them.

Even by DVDs standards, these are worth $49.95 a pop, easy. So you're getting at least $300 worth of the best guitar instruction under the planet.

But you will not pay $300.

$127 gets you in the door! (plus shipping) If you want the full meal deal of all 6 DVDs (which I highly recommend), you can grab them for just a few bucks more.

I think most guitarists would agree, it's a tiny price to pay to get into the wicked chickin pickin' universe.

This course is going to transform your chops like crazy, seriously.

Just follow along with the tabs and I guarantee that your playing is going to jump to the next level of coolness almost overnight.

If for some strange reason it doesn't, just send the DVDs back and I'll gladly give you a refund.

You know you want these DVDs! ...and believe me, you'll be glad that you ordered them. And also check this out: I'm the one taking all the risk here.

You have 12 months to decide if they're everything I say here and more.

Yes, I put my neck on the line for you so you can can test drive Wicked Chicken Pickin' Chops risk-free.

In my opinion, this course is destined to be a classic, maybe one of the best guitar learning products of our time.

So hook yourself up with some of the hottest licks and chops being recorded today...

Click on the link below right now and get started.

What are you waiting for?

Keep pickin'

Claude Johnson

"Sol is probably the best guitarist under the age of 25 on the planet right now"

Brent Mason, 12 time guitarist of the year

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